13. Heath Ledger

With the opening of “TheDark Night” upon us, i felt it was only right to feature the beautiful and talented Heath Ledger. I fell in love with him after his performance in “The Patriot”

***may his beautiful soul rest in peace***


10 Responses to “13. Heath Ledger”

  1. He was soooo hot and not just a pretty face, but the best actor and i am so sad he died. May he rest in peace forever.

  2. i love heath ledger so much i think he the absolutly the most amazing talented actor

  3. Awe Heath.
    I love that guy. Great actor.
    Rest in peace gorgeous.

  4. Waaaaah RIP Heathy! T_T

  5. i loved that man with all my heart and his memory will always live on not just for me but for everyone! he will be sadly missed but never fogoten.xxxxxxxxxx

  6. I love Heath so much, even if he is dead. I think about him 24/7. Why did half ofmy life go when he died??
    So funny, gorgeous and kind everything that an acto should be. he shouldnt deserve the press he was geting.
    Rest is peace forever my babe xxxxx

  7. Claudia Says:

    heath is so hot and kind i love him in candy , claudia

  8. I love him. He was the best actor of the whole world.

    Rest in Peace, Heath ♥♥♥


    I’m nearly there with the collection!!!
    i think about u all the time and a part of me died with you 😥
    you were gajwus and the best actor i could ever aspire to

    loving you FOREVER

  10. c-ndy loper Says:

    auchhhhhhhh…..ur amaizing

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