4. Theo Theodoridis

Greek model/actor Theo Theodoridis ….. gorgeous eyes…….  !


Theo Theodoridis

literally… perfection


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  1. He is simply stunning. I can’t stop looking at his eye…captivating…best posting yet…

  2. you should see his pictures from hi5, he is absolutely great. i simply love him he is not human he’s a god!

  3. I am a member of Eligible Greeks. I received a flirt from Ilias Markos that has the exact pics under his profile, allegedly saying that he is a different person than he says he is. This could be especially dangerous both for women that might think they are talking to this person in reality, because he could be a potential predator and because Giannis Identity is used in a wrong way. Please, inform the actor.

    Thank you


    • I was approached by a man using this face as his own on Facebook. He is going by the name of Lorenzo Tobiani and trying to pass himself off as a professor at the university of Florence. It is creepy and he does not list his friends so nobody can alert the other women on his list of friends, He posts up nothing about his work : only vegetarian and animal welfare issues which he poaches from other people’s FBs. I think he is an e-pervert/pradotor because he is not trolling.

      • I was talking to a man on facebook from the first week of Jan 2013 until late march by the name Jerry Stein. He was using Theo’s pics and since disappeared. Each time i asked to meet on skype or phone, there was an excuse!!! At one point i was receiving daily emails from this man! Ladies be careful!!!

  4. Woah gorgeous eyes, they are absolutely stunning, but, I am dissapointed slightly, you have so many beautiful men, but not Matthias Streitwieser? He just HAS to be on here
    anyways, they are all delicious, hot hot hot

  5. in the first picture -the one with the captivating eyes- is Teo Theodorides another gorgeous greek model…


  7. greekbuffetwouldbenice Says:

    Hi guys —

    The top photo is actually Theo Theodoridis , with the stunning green eyes. Here’s his site (yum)


  8. l highly recommend that sexy god greek-australian though…diego valentino from playgirl magazine…!!! WOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Go check him out, one of the world’s sexiest men!!!

  9. Teo's Fire Always Says:

    I hate to tell you all…..his real name is Teo Theodoridis, he uses Theo/Theodoro Theodoridis for modeling and acting. Yes he is greek god and all that. I have written two poetry book about him, one to his pictures, which will not be release, due to unseen event his life. The other is one that will be release late fall.
    It is called….Teo’s Fire Always.
    The one that will be hold on till he can meet with me…is called The Man 2 Know…Teo Theodoridis.

    • I am currently writing a fantasy thriller involving vampires. While searching the net one day for a face that would fit the image I had in my head for the male lead character I happened to stumble upon Theo Theodoridis I can’t tell you how surprised I was to realize that the image that was in my head actually belonged to a real person. So far I have had nothing but positive feedback from those who have been proof reading it. heres hoping that if it does well and if by sheer luck and hard work it becomes a film like the Twilight series, that Theo will be able to play the lead. He’s perfect.

    • Guess you know a bit about Teo. I left a comment concerning a book I am currently writing stating how Teo suited the image I had in my head of the male lead. Pity to learn that Teo made a stupid mistake that landed him in jail for drug smuggling. What a waste of a perfectly good life. Hope that he can find a way to redeem himself and get on with his life and God willing, people will be prepared to give him a second chance because from what I’ve read of him he admitted to everything and got his innocent friends off the hook. We all do things that we regret. Don’t know why he felt compelled to do what he did but if a second chance is good enough for some then it’s fair for everyone to be given the benefit of the doubt.Interested in hearing what has and will become of him. Drop me a line if you want to chat.

      Kim. (Australia)

      • Hi, Kim.

        I just read your message & I thought I’d let you know that this story about Theo being arrested is just that: a story.

        I’m not sure what is going on or why this came about, but I’m certain it’s fake & I just wanted to let you know because you seem to care about him.

        Just pray for him, anyway, I guess.

        peace, e

  10. i saw a video showing theo theodoridis taken by plice and putting him in the police car
    ((does anyone know why the police came and what did he do if he really did??))

  11. Thanks for your reply Erika. Not sure how you know but I certainly hope you are right. As I said it would be a pity to waste the life he has been given & considering what he has been blessed with (although I confess that I know nothing of his personal life) he as so much going for him & could probably succeed at anything he set his mind to. I also read somewhere that he was involved with a number of charities & quite a modest person when away from the cameras. How refreshing. Well its a mystery as to why he has gone so quiet (perhaps he wants it that way) but I truly do wish him all the luck in the world with whatever he is doing. I guess all of us must not forget: ‘Life is short so break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss long & slowly, love truly & completely, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile…’
    Thanks Erika & stay safe, stay happy & smile.

  12. Erika Kirtoglou Says:

    I saw that video of the supposed arrest, too. 1st of all, I’m not even convinced it is actually Theo – it could be anyone, & Theo’s an actor. That very easily could have been set up.

    I am getting annoyed with the crazy stories I’ve been told by his friend, & I just hope that this ends soon. I miss my cousin – BTW, I’m Greek, too. (I know his friend is just doing what he’s told to do, so I don’t blame him & actually like him.) It’s kind of a long story, but I’m positive this is just a story.

    Theo was so nice & supportive of me/my goals for over a year, & there were times he was my only supporter & for that I needed & loved him.

    Anyway, Kim, thanks for the nice wishes: likewise.

    peace, e

    • Hey Erika,
      Nice to hear from you again. I am sorry that someone you care for & leaned on is no longer an active part ot your life. It is a difficult thing to deal with. I feel a strange connection to him but I think it has much to do with the fact that he has taken on a realistic persona for me through the character in my story since I am using Teo’s image as inspiration. I often find myself wondering how close to his real personality my character is. Hmm, an interesting thought I must admitt. Anyway, chin up I am sure that somewhere in the future you will be able to talk to him again. In the meantime I am sure that you have so much to fill your life with & anytime you wish to drop me a line you have my email details I think. If not then I guess there is a way for you to reach me & ask for them if you wish.
      Erika, stay safe, stay happy & smile.
      Cheers, Kim.

  13. I looooooooooove Teo!He’s not only a greek god but a great person as well!I’ve met him in a cinema about 2 years ago and he was so friendly and down to earth.I hate to hear all these people in the TV or the net to kick mud on his face.Even though what he did was wrong he doesn’t deserve such treatment.And by the way his arrest is 110% TRUE.It was all over the news and the newspapers here in Greece.It wasn’t just written in a gossip magazine.It was EVERYWHERE,his lawyer and his parents talked about it on the TV,the name of the prison he’s in was announced and everything.So,since all these official details came in public I seriously believe it’s true even though I wish with all my heart it wasn’t.This isn’t Hollywood to direct celebrity’s deaths,arrests etc.

  14. can someone please is this godsend in prison or not

    • He is in jail… not prison. He still has not been tried nor convicted. He has been sitting in jail since his arrest in March. Trust me it’s true! Unfortunately. I get updates from one of his good friends because Teo cannot communicate with anyone outside. He has a lot of support from his family and friends.

    • No he was released in August of 2014. He did a mitsu/mitsu runway June of this year, and he looks just as beautiful

  15. sorry please tell me

  16. I guess we’ll all have to be patient. I think that whatever he is going through now is a private matter and no amount of specualtion, gossip or discussions will change anything. I just wish him the best of luck for the future & hope that whatever he is doing or wherever he is he will find some form of happiness because we all deserve that as well as a second chance. Mistakes get made, it’s a fact of life. Suck it up, deal with it and move on. Good luck Teo.

  17. Teo is in jail in Greece awaiting his trial. We don’t know when the trial will be, it is in limbo. He made a huge error in judgment, but he is also very sorry and is the first one to admit his faults. He has a lot of friends and family who are supporting him and believe in him. Teo is a very caring, kind and generous man and to know him is to love him. It is so very frustrating to have to wait… and wonder.

    As for people who pretend to be Teo and use his pictures… it has been a continual problem and a big hassle for him. If you think you are talking to Teo and if there is a response… it is NOT him. He cannot communicate from jail. If there is any activity on the site… it is an imposter! Please be careful and wise.

    I appreciate all the positive thoughts and good wishes for him. He is greatly encouraged by such kindness.

  18. Miss Shawn_2828 Says:

    Hello, all I would like to say, I was a bit disappointed when I heard about the news about Teo. Ericka you said that you worked with him, how was that, just wondering?

    Josie, have you ever met him and how is he doing? It is a very sad thing that he did, but you does deserve a second chance…….. I just hope that he gets to continue his career without people holding things against him.

  19. A number #1 example of perfection.. Just had to say it when I saw the photos.

  20. Marina Sheva Says:

    I’m very sorry about what happend to him. But who is among us without a sin? Nobody!!! We’re not sacred. We are ordinary people. And we all deserve the second chance. And that chance, i hope, will be given to Teo. It’s great that he has a lot support of his family & friends. These days he needs them very much. They love him and their love will help him to
    overcome all difficulties. Of course, it is good to have many fans , but relatives and tru friends are more importatnt.
    Teo, I wish you good luck. Don’t give it up. As they say in my country “Never give in, never give up, never back down “!!!

  21. I must admit he is very sexy, i am a hetero boy but i always love watch beautifull people around the word both sex…beautifull and perfect body. For me is like a lovely hoby. About him bad news he was caught with cocaine bulgary airport i think, and arrested…Good luck man.

  22. Just believe me when I say that he is most defenately in jail. Don’t know why someone might think it’s all a conspiricy theory. I totally wish it was.
    But sadly it is not the case. Still he has not been judged and when he is he most likely has a long time in prison left. He is coping.
    Still hoping on a miracle here and that he will be with us again soon.

  23. OMG!!
    Theo U R hypmotizine!!
    Pure pleasure just 2 look at ur photo.
    THANKS 4 posting it on the internet

  24. Teo’s trial started today so now we will just have to wait and see the outcome. He is very sorry for his poor judgment and we are hoping for his freedom. This has been a very humbling experience for Teo and he has learned from his mistakes, and will come out even a better man! I have no idea how long the trial will last, but it’s expected to go quickly.

  25. Josie

    From what I read in this article the trial has been postponed until May 26.


    Hope this link works.

  26. Lee Jaworski Says:

    It is now May 27th. Could someone please clarify what is happening with Teo now? I read the trial has finally started, then I read that it has been delayed. Has the trial occured? If so, what happened? Have any decisions been made regarding his future? I have been praying that God and the court show him mercy. I have seen nothing to indicate where things stand now.

  27. Has anyone heard about Teo and his trial and how he is doing?

  28. The trail was postponed and is starting now. We are hoping he will be out in about a year or 2 but there is a good chance that it will be longer.
    If somehow his personality is taken into account he will be out sooner as he is an awesome guy who has done a lot for charity. He has been there for me in many times of need, and now I am totally incapable of helping him, its frustrating!!
    Teo my man, I love you to bits. You know it and we will go out to party again as soon as possible.

  29. Ok it is the 21st of June. If Teo gets out, he will be depressed for a while. It takes some readjustment once you are free. My friend was in prison for a year awaiting a court date and he lost a lot of weight and his mental stress was incredible. He is now a very different person. Teo will not go untouched by his stay in prison, no matter how short or long his sentence. Let’s just pray that he gets no more time.

  30. Teo did loose a lot of weight, he was pretty skinny to begin with. He does not look too good.
    But yes, he will get back to the wonderful person he was for sure. He is not one to stay gloomy for too long.

  31. BTW be carefull to believe what you read on gossipsites etc. Yes, the trail has been postponed again till 21th of june. But I also read a name that supposed to be Teo’s gf…. well I can promiss you that that name is incorrect!
    (she is A friend but is seeing someonelse and not Teo) Apart from that, a lot of supposedly true things are said which are not the total of totally not true.
    Just had to get that of my chest.

  32. so his gf is not Barbosa?

  33. whats the name of his lawyer

  34. NO Julianna is just a friend (now). His lawyers name is Dospra Vasso. Any help?
    Let’s just hope and pray that when trail does start he will be out soon. We want him back!!

  35. Wasn’t she involved with this whole thing?

  36. M, Can you get this to newspapers in Greece? We want to raise the awareness to the authorities there that so many of us are watching and waiting to see how they treat Teo. There is also a video on Youtube under his full name with this set to music and pics. Can you help.

    “Fallen Son of Greece”
    He who needs Compassion, Not Condemnation

    As he lay on the hard cot, he tried to shake himself awake even though his eyes were wide open. His heart pounded erratically in his chest and it squeezed with an ache, such as he has never known. Even when he had lost loved ones to death, he had never felt such loss and loneliness. It’s as if he himself had lost his soul and he lived in limbo without it, not knowing if the next day his body would follow it into the blind depths of oblivion.
    Every moment of every single day, he wanted to whimper and weep for his losses, cry to the heavens and fates for their audacity to abandon him to his own devises. He was a man, a child of God, yet he felt like an outcast. He had chosen this path and he wanted to balk at the possible finality of it. He had entered a pact with the devil and lost.
    He was lost.
    As he lay here, he realized that this world that encompassed him now was so foreign to him that he trembled with an unspeakable rage and frustration. He could not move without permission. He could not bathe without onlookers. He could not shed tears without an audience. He could not be himself.
    God he missed human contact. He was a very affectionate person. With his family and friends. He missed making love with utter abandon, with no thought to the next moment. To just lay in the arms of another and inhale the scent of lovemaking.
    And now, the next moment only brought more questions and fear. He did not want to think about the future, yet how could he not? It was only human to seek the
    unknown. It was only human to hope and pray for a positive outcome.
    For how long would he be lost?
    Always he had known who he was even when sometimes the path of life carried him into parts unknown or parts that were fraught with danger. But he liked danger. He thrived on danger. At least controlled danger. When he controlled the aspects of the danger he partook, he felt somewhat at ease.
    Yet, somehow, his level-headedness and conservative ways had abandoned him as of late. Ok, he had been doing very stupid things for the past few years, and he had known it would not be without consequence. However, he had never thought his gold-lined life, would be drastically affected so soon.
    He had figured that he would die young. Yes, that was acceptable to him as long as he lived to see himself married and the father of beautiful children. His earnings would assure them all a great life. If he lived to middle age doing what he had to do now, then those he loved and held dear would reap the benefits.
    Especially his parents. They were his biggest supporters and loved him unconditionally. No matter what. So, now that he could earn unbelievable amounts of money legally, he was going to make certain that he would do so for a very long time to come.
    He never thought himself to be a selfish man. He saw that his money helped the poor and children in need. Coming from a strong family, he wanted to help those who could not help themselves.
    He had his moments when selfish urges overtook him. But he chalked it up to being human. He always told himself that he was just a man and as a man he was allowed to make mistakes.
    Hell, God banked on him screwing up every now and again. Isn’t that why they had confession? And, he never hurt anyone but himself. Yet in the doing, he continued to build his bank account.
    He continued to stand as a good role model for the young people of his country. Everyone loved him. How could they not? He was young and beautiful. He was a gift to his people. And he loved it.
    Most of the time.
    How could a man not love being loved. It feeds the soul and urges one to embrace all that people expect of one. And as the expectations grow, so too does the stress of maintaining oneself, preserving that which separates one from all the others.
    He was special. His eyes were the portals to a diverse world. They pulled people in and held on. Even though most only saw him in magazines or video clips, they believed they knew him. Hell, they believed they loved him.
    How could a man not enjoy some ounce of that?
    At least in the beginning.
    He stretched his athletic body whose muscles seemed to atrophy each day he spent locked up in this cage. His 6’2” frame boasted muscle with not an ounce of fat. Each striation could be seen. But he was by no means big. His body was perfection. They called him a Greek God. And, as he knew all too well, all gods have their weak-nesses.
    It was no wonder that men had gone crazy here. It was no wonder that mad-ness had overtaken their minds. A place like this could devour a man’s soul and sanity. It’s cold stone walls offered no solace, but a world of frigid abandon. Here you were lost and in time you were forgotten by most.
    Even one such as he. Millions claimed him. Millions loved him. Yet in time, the only ones who would remember him were his family and perhaps a few really close
    All others would forget he ever existed.
    And that was one of the things that frightened him so much. That and the fact that he would lose his best years to a place where lost souls were born every day.
    Each day and into the night his mind replayed the events that landed him here. Truth be told he had known somewhere deep in his core that he would not get away with it.
    He had been raised better than that. He had been taught better than that.
    Yet the disease had taken hold. It had pushed him to do things that he knew he shouldn’t do. In the end, he betrayed everything that he had been raised to be. In the end, he had betrayed all those he loved and who loved him. In the end, he had betrayed himself.
    Worst of all he had betrayed his parents. The hardest thing was to look into his mother’s beautiful eyes and see the disappointment and fear there. He had done that to her. He had repaid all of her kindness and love with betrayal and stupidity.
    How do you apologize for that? There are no words that can measure up. As they say ‘actions speak louder than words’. And his actions had revealed a naive, selfish act whose ramifications could prove detrimental to the rest of his life.
    Instead of the ‘Son of Greece’ he would be the ‘lost son’. Would his country abandon him? Would it forget everything he had done that was good and kind? Would it forget that he was still young and had made a terrible mistake? One huge, terrible mistake. Would they make an example out of him? Would his country turn its back on him when he needed it the most. He was broken and needed understanding and not condemnation. He needed to be taken in and revitalized. He needed people to understand a world that they would never touch nor fully comprehend, his world. He needed his people, who had adored him so, to embrace him with love and compassion. He did not need to be judged over and over again. His self-recrimination was enough for the entire world.
    His charmed life had turned into a living nightmare. He could blame it on the industry. One hundred and fifty thousand percent, he could blame the industry. Yet his actions were his own. And even though there were threats made to compel him to follow through, he made the ultimate choice to commit to the action that landed him here.
    It was surreal. Lying in the dark, with no plush accommodations, he shivered. His skin crawled and his mind screamed its denial. He tried to rewrite the script that had turned his life to shit. He tried to wake himself up in the moment when he had been so damned stupid.
    Tears filled his eyes. His gorgeous green/blue eyes that separated him from all others. His nose became stuffed as his heart broke. Grabbing the hard pillow, he screamed into it. All of his pent up rage and frustration was muffled by the pillow. He didn’t want any of the guards to hear him. He didn’t want any of them to talk about how low he had fallen. The least he could offer his family was to suffer alone and as quietly as possible. His throat ached and his body burned with a craving so raw it singed his very veins.
    The disease was making itself known. The doctors said it would be hard. They offered him medication to ease the pain and to reduce his urges. Yet, he wanted to fight his demons in his own way. He wanted to tell those demons to go fuck themselves. The demons had controlled him long enough. They had made his life hell. So, he refused any medication, though he met with his psychiatrist regularly.
    Normally, he wasn’t one to discuss his feelings openly with anyone. He held things in and expected to maintain an appearance of perfection as the public had always expected. However, that is what had gotten him here, he suspected. So, he had decided to abandon silence and speak his mind.
    And it was mandatory that he see the good doctor. To play the game was the best for everyone.
    God, why did it have to hurt so God-damned bad.
    Sweat seeped from every pore in his body, yet he shook from a frigidness that burned in his core. Gods weren’t suppose to be brought down so damned low. He groaned then cried as a cramp ripped through his stomach. Curling up into a ball, he held his middle and rocked like a child. He just wanted to sleep. That’s all he did lately. Sleep and eat. He wanted to work his body to feel a natural burn to his muscles, but he didn’t have the energy. The disease stole that from him too. The disease, it asked so much of him. It’s toll was so high that now when faced with it, he wanted to run very far, very fast from it.
    How could he have done this to himself? Why would he inflict so much suffering on himself just to prolong an inevitable outcome? He was smart enough to know that his end would be tragic if he continued on the way he had been going.
    All of his veins were strained, begging for release. Begging him for the euphoria and energy he had maintained for years. All he could do was sob. The pain was so excruciating that he just wanted to die. He prayed to God to take him. He told God that he was not worthy of His ear, yet he begged Him to end his suffering. To take away the pain and the embarrassment of what he had done. The sorrow was like a weight pulling at his heart. The sorrow was all enveloping like an abyss of dark water that gave no quarter and bade him to just inhale The sorrow also begged for something. It begged for him to end it all.
    It would be so much easier that way. He would not have to face the public. He would never need to face his mother again. He would be just another soul lost to the industry and the monsters that preyed on the innocent.
    But he could not do that to his beloved mother. She had made him promise that no matter how bad it got, no matter how horrible he felt, he would not hurt himself. Curse the gods, he had made that promise. Above all things, he would never intentionally cause her more pain than he already had. That would be a disgrace.
    But she had known. She had understood before he had that it would come to that decision. In her wisdom, she had purposely bound him to this life. Deep down, he wished she would just let him go. But that was not to be. She had bound him with invisible shackles to this world. She had bound him to her with her unwavering love. A mother’s love.
    He had done what he had done to make his body perfect and to be able to use his body to get ahead in a fast-paced world where co-workers were devoured daily. And now, it was falling apart on him. Everything that he had built was crumbling around his feet. He had worked so damn hard and now it was gone. Would he ever get it back?
    Didn’t the authorities realize that he was not the source. He had been used and not in a good way.
    Yet, if he told, life could get a whole lot more dangerous. He didn’t really know those who had approached him.
    Grabbing his short hair, he pulled his throbbing head into his chest. His long hair was gone, cut when he had been thrown into this pit. The only thing they could not steal away from him was the unequalled beauty held in his stare. Yet, those who came to visit him, commented on how the fire and the spirit had disappeared from his hypnotic eyes. He supposed even his soul was not safe here.
    Right now, he was not safe anywhere. Maybe that is why they kept him locked up. Perhaps, they suspected that he was not the source but just another dumb mule. He had been a flight risk, but now his life might be at risk. He really didn’t know what to think anymore. He didn’t know who, outside of his close family and friends, to trust.
    The nightmare had started several years ago. It had been difficult to deal with the hours and the stress of the modeling industry. You had to be on all the time. You had to have a smile on your face twenty-four seven.
    If it had not been for the agents and the other models, he never would have touched the stuff. But there was an unspoken pact amongst the other models–men and women, boys and girls alike, as some were too young to be called adult.
    If you were to succeed in the business, you had to be willing to do anything in order to put yourself out there. Some even lowered themselves to sexual acts in order to stay where they wanted to be. That is something he swore he would never do. It worked most of the time.
    Yet, sometimes, when the timing was right and the encroacher had a great offer and a half-way decent appearance, he would accommodate them. It did not happen often and never with the same sex. That he would not abide.
    His mother, who had tried to protect him, never knew. If she would have halfway suspected, she would have made him quit the industry. The modeling industry was for the young and naive. It was a machine that was designed to pull the very soul from a young beautiful model. The machine would not care if it killed a model in the doing. It was the process. If a model was not strong enough to resist suicide or overdosing, they
    would be just a memory.
    That was what he feared was happening to him, though, in a very different way.
    The modeling world was composed of so many monsters that it was very difficult to protect yourself from all of them. Some very pretty monsters preyed on the innocent and won in the end. Other monsters just used force or threatening promises.
    In his case, it was a little bit of both.
    He could remember a couple of years back when a Russian model, not even 21, had been accused of suicide. Very ugly remarks were made about her being just another dumb beautiful body who would not be missed. That was what people thought of you when you made a living on the Cat Walk. They did not consider you as an intelligent, person capable of deep thought. Everyone who knew her knew that accusation to be a lie. Yet how do you fight a very powerful entity that has tentacles reaching from Paris to New York to South America and even Russia? How do you fight those whose souls are black and inhuman? You don’t. Money was the only blood that flowed in their veins and they would step on anyone threatening their blood banks–the young and innocent models.
    “Don’t worry, it will feel good and it will allow you to work like two men instead of one. You will earn so much money, you will wonder what to do with it. And it will make you feel good. You will be like superman.” That was what was told to him by another female model. She had been right. You flew through life. Your feet hardly touched the ground.
    Earn more money. Sure. He earned plenty of money for himself and for his family. He also made his agency very rich, too. The more he worked, the more they made. It was not hard to understand. The agency did not care how he maintained his looks, as long as he did.
    They owned him.
    The world owned him.
    But they would never reach his soul. That would forever and always belong to him; untouchable.
    Why would he think that they would care what happened to him once he was past his prime. But when you are wrapped up in the every day goings on, you forget about important issues like the future.
    He had, of course, been wise enough to widen his prospects with acting and dabbling in directing. Yet his foot was just wet, nothing more. He wanted so much more
    and had become impatient with that wanting. And when he was approached to do this thing that now defined him, he had not thought it through.
    At age 33, he was still considered unbelievably gorgeous, yet he knew the day would come when he would tire of it and want more, the day when the price to maintain his unbelievable physic would be too high.
    His dream was to act. To be someone people saw and took seriously. He had a mind. A great mind and untapped talent. He wanted to prove it to the rest of the world.
    And now, he lay here, world weary and completely destroyed by a decision that he had made in haste. By the time it came to decide, the decision had been made for him by people he did not know well enough to trust.
    God, how could he have done this thing? How could he have let down so many people? He caused such an uproar with one act, that to undo it would take years. So many years of hard work, gone-stolen in a moment due to a lack in judgement.
    All the sacrifice, all the long hours and missed family gatherings and now this. Now he was a stranger in his own life. He was missing his family terribly. And his friends, all those who had kept him grounded all of the years past, they were missing. He was missing. He was a living ghost in a world where he had reigned supreme.
    He missed going to the beach with them–pitching a tent and sitting around a fire and just enjoying life. He wanted to be able to laugh again. Laughter had once been his narcotic. His sense of humor was off-the-hook and he loved to laugh and make others laugh, too. He yearned for his youth, for times when the weight of the world rested on the backs of others and not his. He yearned to be free again. To taste the Mediterranean breeze and feel the night air lift his hair and blow against his muscular body. To be cleansed by the salt water. He longed for freedom, the freedom he so naively relinquished.
    If he had it all to do again, he never would have been so naive. He would have been more cautious and less trusting. He would have only surrounded himself with friends proven and true.
    He could berate himself every moment he spent awake, dwelling on what he could have done differently, but the fact of the matter was he had no options left. He had thrown them into the wind and the wind had blown it right back into his face, the smack having left a print that would last a lifetime.
    He just prayed that he would not be forsaken, forgotten and lost to time. He could not live through that. He could not survive it.

    Written by Monique Marie

    We won’t forsake you, EVER. You are in our hearts, minds and prayers every day. You have made the world fall in-love with you and your good heart. Know that we embrace you with our loving energy and send it to you every moment you are lost to us.
    To you, our friend, don’t give up and don’t give in—all of your faithful fans of the world. . .
    And, my brother, God will never forsake you. You only have to ask Him to take your burdens from you and he will. It is that simple. I am not a religious person, yet I do know God will never let you down.

  37. Who is the one that wrote this? It’s beautiful yet I truely hated reading it. Teo is my buddy, my saviour, my brother. this kind of ‘insight’ in his mind is total agony. hurtful. If he ever get to read this he will be tormented I guess. Last time I saw him his eyes did not shine. And my goal is somehow, someway get that shine back.

    I am not in greece all the time, the industrie makes me go all over the world as well. Believe me, Teo will never be forgotten in no way is that ever going to happen. He truely is a fallen angel and I am sure he will find is path back. The good things he has done stand out so much more than this one big mistake.
    This may sound soppy, but its the truth. Many letters has been given to his lawyer from people all over the world. We will give everybody the awareness that, yes he was wrong and stupid, but that he is a good man.

  38. M & everyone here there has been a FB started for Theo.
    It is a FB named Free Theo Theodoridis. In six days they have gone from 0 members to nearly 600. M-Monique Marie the author wrote the story above. I know she wrote it to pull people into Theo’s plight against the charges against him. She wrote it to bring hearts to this man who is just that, a man and not a perfect god who everyone thought of him. Monique, Suze, Polina, , Sherry, Lee and a couple of others started this group to bring awareness to Theo and what he has been going through and gain more support for him. many did not even know he was still in prison up until a month ago. Videos have been made for him and all of his videos are being posted for viewing. PLEASE everyone join this FB group;;;;; Free Theo Theodoridis

  39. I hope you guys get somewhere with that! If you give me an adress where I can join I will check it out.
    Teo is very happy to hear that there are so many people rooting for him.

    So that’s awesome!!!! Thanks

  40. M. Here is the facebook page. Hey, tell Theo that all of the mail that comes to him with the envelopes marked–‘NO Response Wanted’ is from our site and not silly fan mail. OK. Monique is suppose to be e-mailing Theo’s attorney today to let him know all that we are doing. We have heard that Theo is doing better and looking forward to his trial. Let him know that we are all praying for him.

    Free Theo Theodoridis FB page

  41. M–

    Monique said that you can also contact her if you want, she is the author that started the FB for Theo. Here is her link too.

  42. Does anybody know who this “M” really is? I wonder if “M” is really a friend of Theo’s cuz no one has heard anything of “M” on the site posted for “M” to follow and join.

  43. Sherry Palmer Walter Says:

    I love to see that the Facebook page has made it here..please join and ask your friends too, the more, the better. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially when the make a mistake while suffering from addiction.
    Monique you write beautifully and so touchingly.

  44. Hahaha, that’s cause ‘M’ does not have facebook account. And yes I am a friend of his.
    My name is Michael btw. That does sound better (friendlier) than just ‘M’. Although I thought it was pretty cool in 007. So I did check out the site but will not join. Is that ok Nikki?

    • Hi Michael!

      If you are the ‘Michael’ that Beli & Josie have told me about, then it’s nice to finally ‘meet’ you, although very sad, considering the circumstances…

      I run the MySpace fan page for Theo (myspace.com/thetempleoftheo ~ which he knows about) and I just wanted to say ‘Hello’ to you, and to say how comforting it is, to know Teo has loyal friends, like you, close to him.

      Best wishes
      Suze xx

  45. Ok, Michael, it does sound better. Thank you. And believe me, I am glad you are a friend to Theo and able to let him know that so many are shocked at his situation. But why will you not join a group that is supporting him?

  46. The reason they started the site was because there were so many fake Theo FB that no one knew he has been in prison for the last year and a half. Then the word was that Theo was not being doing very well and that Greeks were ashamed of him. So that is when the original members got together and started the support group. To keep Theo’s work, his videos and his Movie Shorts alive and let people know that he is more than just a model to be forgotten due to one mistake. People who don’t know his story will readily condemn him and the site assures that people will know that Theo is human with a human’s flaws and that he should be given a second chance and has suffered enough. Here in America, Theo never would have spent such a long time in jail without posting bond, even if he were a flight risk. So, please don’t take this site as being less than it is. Because the stories we were hearing were not supportive of Theo, the site was started.

  47. Michael,
    If, in fact, Theo does not want the site up, we will take it down.

  48. But, the word is that Theo is at Diavata prison, where he shares a cell with 7 other inmates. Before the trial was to start, they said he was very depressed and not doing well, so you can imagine the frustration of many who want to help him, but cannot. Sure you can say many are drawn to Theo due to his outer beauty, but at the end of the day it his inner spirit that motivates people to want to walk with him in this, to not abandon him to all that may pass. We want to lend him our strength so that he can find his own and walk with his head held high in the face of adversity.

  49. Michael
    When a person, model, actor, sports figure, etc. anyone who pursues a career by putting themselves before the public, accumulate quite the array of fans and supporters. When something happens to them, these people don’t just fade away. The larger an impact one has on people’s lives, the less they will be forgotten, and in Theo’s case, so many have been hit by the conditions in which he has been kept. Don’t get me wrong, but 7 to 10 people per cell. We treat animals better here in America. They usually only have 2 to 3 animals per cell. So, we don’t have the benefit of speaking to Theo as do you. It is very good that he has his close friends and family to make sure he makes it through this time, cuz without that, well. . . it would not be good. We only hope he comes through this stronger than ever, for his experiences will impact him for the rest of his life. Only he can choose if it will be for the good or for naught. But we will support him, whether he continues on or lives quietly. You, being his friend, can understand wanting to carry him through his trials, than to leave him to fend for himself.

  50. Sherry Palmer Walter Says:

    Well said Nicki. It really irratates me that people think that Monique, I and the other ladies are putting so many hours in trying to help, only because of how Theo looks. I have personal experience with addiction and spent 16 months fighting another country’s system in order to get my sister home to Canada. Like Theo she made a bad mistake at a time that she was addicted herself. But she was given a sentence that never would have happened in our country.
    So, that is one of the reasons I spend hours a day writting emails to government officials, who probably just delete my letters…but I wont give up. If I had given up on my sister, she would still be in a Max prison for pot smuggling, a crime yes, but not so severe that she got so much punishment.
    Now my sister talks to others about her situation and how she got there, she tries to help others. And so do I, another reason I believe in what I am doing for Theo.
    Micheal, do I find Theo handsome? Yes. Am I working this hard because of that? No….I saw in his eyes the same desperation and pain, that I saw in my sister’s, THAT is why I want to do this. And I pray if it ever happened to me, someone would care enough to give help and support too.

  51. Today I was at the trail. Feel sick now.

    Thank you all for your efforts. 18 years is awefully long, I hope to be able to ever hold and laugh with him again.

    • I feel sick too M after I read the news as the reports started to come out…

      PLEASE tell him I still believe in him, and support him no matter what, and he is always in my thoughts and heart.

      And I know that’s the same for a LOT of other people on here.

      Suze xx

    • Michael,
      we need you now. We need to gather as many friends for Theo as we can. Now is not the time to give up on Theo and give in to this 18 years and the corruption that got him that number of years. We are moving forward but we need help. Will you join us, or give into this horrid act of injustice.

      Monique Marie—humsah3@yahoo.com

  52. Sherry Palmer Walter Says:

    M I feel your pain, truly….I was there when my sister was sentenced, my heart broke. But please dont give up, you will see him again…and it may be sooner than anyone thinks. We arent a bunch of silly daydreamers, I truly believe that we can make a difference but we need help. Please, please believe me….I need to speak with you. My name is Sherry Palmer Walter, I live in Canada and this is my email sherrymichelle63@hotmail.com I give you all this information as a show of faith……I dont want anything out of this. I am not “looking” for anything, I truly want to help your friend, and I believe it can be done. There alot of people on the Free Theo site who have dealt with justice systems, I have and it can make a difference. My sister was not to come out of jail for 4 years, she was sentenced to a Max institute….I worked nights learning the law, learning all I could and I got her home in 16 months. I am not arrogant enough to think that I know anything about the Greek system, but I do know one thing…..Voices can be heard, people can make a difference. Please let us find a way to do that. Contact me, I dont care what Theo did for a living or what you do, I care about the person. I may have never met him but I can see who he is by all the good things he did before all this and I can see you are a good person by the fact that you are still standing by his side through this. Believe that others can care about more than the “celebrity” part, that they care about another human because he is exactly that….A human being who deserves a second chance and a group of people who want to help and support him.


    please contact Monique, We need your help. we are not giving up or giving in. We have some people with experience in fighting the legal system, but we also need someone who can get info to Theo. Monique has been talking to his lawyer, but there is a communication barrier there. So PLEASE help us help Theo. We are not giving in and neither should anyone else.

  54. Believe me Nikki, if there is someone that will never give up it’s me. (and his ex-wife and other close friends) Don’t try and play on my feelings cause that will only make me more upset. Telling me that not joining facebook is giving in and letting my friend rot in jail is not very nice now is it? If I can help you all and I think its good for him I will.

    We have a plan and we will fight. My hopes are up again, my emotions a bit better under control.
    I got message from a friend to contact Monique as well. I probably will tonight. Right now I am busy with other things (for Teo)

  55. Michael, my intent was not to play on your feelings. I just want you to know that instead of dying out due to the news about Theo, it continues to grow and I believe that large numbers can accomplish much more than a few. I have had so many contact me about what they can do. I know you to be a great friend, like a brother to Theo, and I want you to know that although many of us have never met Theo, we feel that what has been done to him is beyond disgusting, and we want to do as much as possible to help. In his interview before the trial, it sounded as if he does not believe that he deserves to be vindicated. Am I wrong? Because he must believe that he is worthy of a second chance and worthy of everyone of us fighting for him. We stand with you, Michael, believe me. We do.

  56. Sweetie, please remember that he is protecting people and can not say too much cause of other things in his case. Again, be carefull about what to believe in press etc. especially the site I see a lot of your info comes from. This is a gossip site, they make things extra juicy and often have facts wrong.
    Yes ofcourse he took a huge blow, but he is a strong guy and will bounce back. He knows many love and care about him.

  57. Michael, we know that there is much more to this than is being said and the Free Theo sight is the farthest thing from gossip site. We are trying to get as much info as possible that is correct from the Greek papers, however, silence creates speculation. That is why we want to talk to someone who know what to say and what not to say. the last thing we want to do is say anything to hurt Theo. I have said that if it is best for Theo for us to end the site, we will. The only thing we want is to write lettes and such to help him. We are totally ignorant of Greek law and how it works as many of us have helped others in the US to get out of prison on drug charges. Collective energy going in one direction can do good, but if we are all scattered we accomplish nothing. And we totally understand that Theo is protecting others, else he would not be in this situation, we have known this from the beginning.

  58. Michael,

    What would you have so many of us do? Action creates a whirlwind, yet inaction creates nothing. To just sit by while Theo suffers in prison is very difficult and almost impossible. You are right that all we have is the Greek news badly translated to find out what is happening. We do not want to give false information at all and pray that is not the case. However, we have had many people who know Theo joining the group in hopes of being able to help in some way. If you and those who do know the ins and outs of the case direct us in ways that can help Theo, it might be beneficial. We don’t want to know any of the info that will hurt Theo. We just want to know what to do that can assist. If writing letters or making phone calls will help, then we will do it.

  59. Sherry Palmer Walter Says:


    I dont think Micheal is talking about the Free Theo page being the “gossip” site. It is hard to know who is speaking true, but I have a strong belief that Micheal is the true friend and that we may be getting things from a wrong source. Am I right, Mr. Micheal?

    To Micheal
    And I hope I didnt come across as using your feelings either…I truly do understand what you are feeling. If and when you have time Google the name Rose Palmer Chetrit…you will then understand why I understand your fight and Theo’s families fight. I am not the least bit ashame of my sister and what she did…this is why I share with you her info. I worked hard with good groups who fight for the rights of prisoners and it can help. Addiction makes the best of people do some of the craziest things, no matter what age, or what profession.

  60. Yes that is what i am talking about. The site where the news comes from makes many mistakes and adds sensation.

    But we have started a media ‘war’ as well. Things are looking up!! So all just be positive and keep on spreading the world that Teo is an amazing guy who just made a mistake, who was sick and used!

    • Michael,

      Thank you!!!!! Tell Theo that we are all backing him one hundred and fifty thousand percent and we hope that all of you, including his ex-wife, who in our eyes is a hero, understand that we are at your disposal for anything you need.

      • If we can help with our site, you let us know. Sherry might be right. We are posting nothing on our site that cannot be confirmed, and we have a lot of people claiming to know Theo that are coming out with things, but nothing will be posted unless it comes from you or someone like you. We will not abide gossip. If we have something wrong, Please let us know.

    • Sherry Palmer Walter Says:

      I just figured out that I can reply straight to something that has been written here….shows you how computer “savvy” I am.LOL Anyway, thank you Micheal…we will be more careful now that we know more. In the end we can only take what people say, in good faith, as there is no way of knowing who is who. But I learned to trust my gut instinct, it is what keeps this Saskatchewan prairie girl going when things get complicated, and that gut instinct tells me you can be trusted, more than some others.
      I am sending all my energy to you and Teo’s family, your fight is just and right….no one can know the pain of a loved one in jail unless they have experienced it. I am sending him healing and light too…all the things that can be lacking in a place like where he is. My sister did not see any “daylight” for 16 months, no windows, no cracks in the wal…not allowed to go outside for even a minute a day. I pray with all my heart that Theo can at least see some light and the sky…if not then I send him some of mine.
      Thank you again, Micheal.

  61. Sherry Palmer Walter Says:

    Then, that is what we will do….we continue to fight. If you find anyway that you think we can help more, please let us know. I know from experience that having help from everywhere posible, is invaluable. The groups that helped me asked one thing of me, that someday I help someone else, who was like my sister. Theo is the person I have chosen to help….out of all the stories I have seen and heard, his hit me straight in the heart and made me want to do something. So tell me how to help and I am there.
    If you could please pass one message on to his family, their fight isnt in vain, I know this because I have fought with a judicial system and got my sister out in half the time they said it would take. And I am just a plain ordinary sister, I wasnt in the public life nor did I have the connections and friends that I know Theo has, it is possible to fight the system. They will have their son back and you will have your friend back…my sister has been home 2 years now and it is an amazing feeling. Yes, she is changed, but she is home and that is the ultimate goal. And only friends and family of someone who has been in that situation can understand the joy of that.
    Thank you Micheal

  62. Sherry Palmer Walter Says:


    I thought of something….if you are waging your own media “war” would it help to have those media reports posted to our Facebook site? People would see the truth of things and that is what we want. More people are joining everyday…and I write letters daily to all I know, so they join and pass the site on to others as well. In a couple of weeks we have grown by leaps and bounds…Monique, I and others work on this everyday…we WILL make the numbers grow even more.
    Just point me in the direction of the “true” media stories and I will go for them, we have a trusted person who can translate them for us and then we can post them.
    Just an idea….. 🙂

  63. Michael,

    thank you!!!

  64. Michael,

    It’s good to know Teo has good, close friends to help him through his ordeal. We will do what we can. I pray for Teo, his family and his friends every day and I’m sure he will get through this trying time. Having friends like you at his side will be a huge help!

    Thank you.

  65. Michael,

    We read the letter that Theo wrote. I do not understand such self-loathing he carries for himself. I understand what he did as an addict. He made a mistake. I understand that he feels he let people down, especially his parents, we all have been guilty of this. But what I do not understand is how he remains in this state of self-disgust. He is a human being who made a mistake. Is he not permitted to fall as we all have? Why can no one speak to him and tell him, Theo it is ok. He has suffered and will continue to suffer as long as he is locked away. He is broken and up until now has had no help in healing. He must forgive himself. This is so very important. He cannot heal and move forward unless he forgives himself, and he cannot do that as long as people make him feel shame for what he did. Let me know if I am wrong. But each time we hear him speak or read what he has said, it comes back to his utter shame.

  66. Sherry Palmer Walter Says:


    I read Teo’s letter today, had someone translate it for the group. I think I can read between the lines, I hope you understand what I mean. Teo sounds very sorry for what he did, and accepts that there has to be some punishment. Admitting to the crime, is a good beginning place to heal…and people can now see how contrite he is, for what he has done. The letter tugged at my heart, I cant see how it would not do that to many others, even the most hardened justice system. He must be very strong, to be dealing with the withdrawal on his own and trying to make himself a better person….finding the man he used to be. The one is country new and admired.
    I hope your “war” will be working and again extend our offer to post things on the Facebood site. We are still getting new members and I am going to be sending out more emails today to try and get more.
    Wishing you luck and light

  67. Thanks all.
    It is going well, so thanks a lot for the offer to help. Again, just keep on posting good things will be just fantastic.
    If he gets out it would be cool for him to read all supportive and good messages.

    I will not comment on the letter here.

    • Sherry Palmer Walter Says:

      You are welcome M. In my mind there is no “if” but only a “when” he gets out. I understand completely why you will not discuss the letter here. I have done the same job as you are doing now and know the value of keeping the important things “under wrap”. We will continue to be very supportive, we all work daily to get new members and to make sure people know why we do this. I wish with all my heart that I had been more computer knowledgeable when my sister was in prison. There are good people in the world who would have helped me too, sometimes it is easy to believe that “all” people are out for themselves but I have learned different on here. I would have felt less “alone” in my fight, but I didnt know about Facebook or other sites….I only used the computer for research and wrote everything by hand.
      As always, I send you strength, light and the same for Teo and his family.
      Sherry Michelle

  68. Ok, we get it. We believe in you Michael and wish your efforts the best. We are starting to understand what you said to us. So push on and know we are all pushing with you as much as we can from here. Tell Nancy that she is a true hero alongside all of you and his family who have stood by his side for so long. We are starting to see the light through the bleak tunnel.

    Thank you for coming back for us and keeping us informed. Thank you.

  69. Michael,

    How are things going in as much that you might be able to say? How is Theo holding up? And all of you? Honestly, we feel very helpless. We want to do more but with the language barrier it is difficult. To hear Theo speak of himself as garbage is very disheartening. To hear that he shares a cell with 9 others with no chance for solitary thoughts and time. Is there anything at all we can do. Is there any chance for a reduction in sentence and Parole earlier than later?

  70. I won’t be coming back to this site, so anyone who wants to JOIN the
    ‘Free Theo Theodoridis-Justice for Theo’ site, I posted the link below.
    Thank you.


  71. Sherry Palmer Walter Says:

    To M and everyone else. Here is a video that we have posted on our site, please watch it and send it to as many people as you can..and if you havent joined our Facebook page, please come and support Theo.


  72. what an lost! my heart bleeds knowing how he could be suffering at this time! i hope he gets out soon!

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  74. jckfmsincty Says:

    Who wouldn’t want to suck the juice out of that?

  75. Aún que solo tengo 19 años, este tío me pone muchisimo, con esos ojos ese fisico, tan broceado y encima griego, con lo calientes que son. Como me gustaría que me penetrara y me hiciera toda clase de posturas.

  76. Solo tengo 19 años y todavía no tengo claro el sentido de mi sexualidad. Pienso que sí conociera a un adulto como Theo, con un buen fisico, sexy, buena presencia de macho,con el mismo fisico y carácteristicas, sería el ideal para iniciarme. Mi primera vez quiero que sea inolvidable. Pienso que si voy a Grecia a lo mejor encuentro a un prototipo de hombre igual, bronceado, fogoso y caliente. Al menos esa es la fama que tienen. Pero encierto modo aveces me da miedo, pienso que al ver a un chiquillo consentidor, viniera a mí con la intención de disfrutar abriendome y dilatandome con la única idea de pasarlo bien conmigo sin preocuparse de lo que pudiera sentir yo… Un tío tan fuerte y grande sujetandome las manos a la espalda mientras me rasgaba el ano y forzaba para que entrara su larga y gruesa verga y después un fuerte zic zac presionando para que se moviera, yo sufriría un poco intentando dilatar mientras sentía el vaiven de su polla dentro de mi culo. Que miedo me daría que llegara a correrse sin darme tiempo a mí de disfrutar y perder la oportunidad de correrme con él .

    • Mauro: Me llama la atención tu mensaje. Hablas con precipitación y eso no es bueno. Si eres como dices, necesitas a alguien, ciertamente, con experiencia de unos 36 años como yo… Habría que enseñarte poco a poco a conocer la sensivilidad de tu cuerpo y tus ganas de entregarte. Unos bocaditos por el cuerpo, jugar con tus pies, lamer los muslos y la entrepierna, hacerte una mamada para enseñarte a tragarla entera. Jugar con tu ano, lamiendo, acariciando presionando con la yema de los dedospulgares. Después introducirte el dedo indice y jugar en tu interior, hasta que estuvieras, completamente excitado con el ano totalmente preparado para ser abrierto… Ahora sería el momento de colocarte en una postura faborable para la penetración, de pie apoyado sobre el respaldo de un sofá, me colocaría entre tus muslos y abriendo tus piernas te empezaría a introducir mi polla. Sentirías como cm a cm te iba abriendo, llenando. Te acariciaría y pellizcaría tus pezones y después te sejetaría de un muslo y de un hombro para presionar tus nalgas contra mi pelvis. Ahora ya dilatado, me movería lentamente para que sintieras deslizarse mi polla deslizarse en tu interior humedo y ardiente. Cuando estuvieras totalmente entregado dfeslizaría la mano de tu muslo hacía tu verga y empezaría a acariciarla para tenerte preparado cuando llegara el momento. Sentirías algo de escozor en tu interior al ser la primera vez, pero lo aguantabas bien porque la penetración había sido suave. Empece a moverme deprisa, te follé con fuerza, mientras gemias de gusto Mnnn…! Aaah…! Te hice arrodillarte en el sofá y levantar tu espalda para pegarla a mi torso, para poder pegar mi boca a la tuya, morder tus labios y llenar su interior con mi lengua. Con tu verga bien tiesa empezaría a masturbarte mientras mi polla entraba y salia con fuerza como si tratara de invadirte más y más. Tus manos se sujetaron con fuerza a mis nalgas, mientras empujabas el culo hacía mí y empezabas a soltar leche caliente.¡¡¡Joder!!! parecias una fuente, yo te embestía con fuerza mientas bramabas con con un gusto enloquecedor. A continuación me vacié yo… Fue un orgasmo demoledor.

  77. it’s sexy but not my favorite!!!!:(

  78. I cam to this page as I was looking for some pic.s of Theo. It’s amazing how so many people are concerned about him. However, there are so many addicts out there who are abandoned. They are within our reach and yet not many are helping. Think globally and act locally. Many are just simply physically engrossed with Theo’s beauty and are not really sincere in their statement on human rights and dignity. Have you done anything practical in your neighbourhood to justify you “so called” concern? Don’t be so obsessed with gross things!

    • I agree with you Mel, if he wasn’t so handsome no one would care…there’s always people in need in your own backyard..try looking there.

  79. Theo: Al verte desnudo mi sexo se puso grueso y fuerte como la piedra. Colocaría mis duros muslos entre tus piernas para abrirte, te penetraría con una embestida, te empalaría, deslizandome hacia dentro todo lo que pudiera. Tú recibirías cada centímetro mío abriendo más y más tú tenso tunel, que se llenaría por completo con un calor volcánico y potente que detonaría dentro de tí al cabo de un instante. Tú gritarías mientras mi polla empezaba a moverse a un ritmo que era cualquier cosa menos suave… Te follé con fuerza hasta que alcancé un orgasmo demoledor.

  80. Me imagino un cuerpo Ateniense como este, en manos de un Centurión en la época del Imperio Romano. Apoyado en una pared y el romano entre sus piernas abriéndolas con sus muslos, mientras arrimaba la caliente y humeda punta de su polla, gruesa y fuerte como una piedra. Con fuertes embestidas sentiría entrar cada cm. de la potente polla en su ano, le empalaría. El dolor era insoportable para el prisionero griego, que gritaba ante su primera penetración. Sujeto fuertemente por los brazos de aquel centurión, era follado con fuerza sintiendo deslizarse la enerme polla que trataba de profundizar más y más… El centurión alcanzó un orgasmo demoledor. El ateniense sólo sintió su tunel humedo y caliente… Después su cuerpo tembló cuando notó que el romano empezaba a sacar de su ano lentamente la polla… Una polla que salia lo suficientemente dura para iniciar una nueva penetración.

  81. Como me gustaría arrodillarme entre sus muslos, alzar sus piernas hasta apollar sus muslos en su pecho y frotar mi caliente y humedo capullo en su ano. Después lo colocaría y con una fuerte embestida iniciaría la penetración, el gritaría al sentir su ano dilatarse al limite y notar com o cm a cm iba llenando su tenso tunel con mi fuerte polla, dura como la piedra. Le follaría con fuerza hasta que mi polla como un volcán explosionó, humedeciendo bañando todo su interior con un orgasmo demoledor.

  82. A pesar de tener solo 20 años y tú ser maduro, no sabes lo cachondo que me pones y la tensión que vivo cuando veo tus fotos. Luego, por la noche tengo unas fantasías que me provocan unas erecciones tan fuertes que llega a dolerme la polla de tan tiesa y dura como se me pone.
    No te imaginas como me gustaría sentir tu hermoso cipote dentro de mí, moviéndose y moviéndose sin parar ejerciendo presión para que se mantuviera bien dentro y mi culo sintiera una sensación inexplicable, mientras me besas con fuerza metiéndome hasta el fondo tu lengua que se entrelazaría a la mía y tus manos una aprisionando mi verga para controlar la erección y la otra en el pecho para hacer presión en mi cuerpo contra el tuyo. Joder tío habría momentos que me sentiría asfixiado con ese cuerpo tan grande y pesado sobre mí, la polla bombeando cada vez con más fuerza y luego esos apasionados besos de lengua que me dificultaban la respiración… Por favor, por favor, vamos a corrernos ya, pero tú estabas en pleno éxtasis, no podías parar, me follabas locamente… Hay, haaaaaay, por fin que gusto, que corrida más maravillosa. Yo me había corrido pero tú seguías sodomizándome con fuerza, tu orgasmo era prolongado y tu semen desbordado caliente y viscoso, inundaba el interior de mi culo causándome una sensación deliciosamente extraña. QUE PENA QUE TODO HAYA SIDO UN SUEÑO, MENOS MI MARAVILLOSA CORRIDA… Para estas cosas las almohadas son muy socorridas.

  83. theolibero.blogspot.com


  85. ImI wish i in lo e with this man.I could write to him in jail.

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