1. Nicholas Stauder

Welcome to my very simple blog about simply stunning men. Enjoy it, send me suggestions, and feel free to give me your feedback. I will be showing you all types of beautiful men, all ages. Celebrities, Models, Non-famous, basically anyone who is a beautiful man… starting with:

1. Nicholas Stauder


We don’t know much about him, but we know he’s gorgeous and the perfect man to debut this website. Enjoy!


19 Responses to “1. Nicholas Stauder”

  1. I know Nick Stauder, I went to College with him, since you don’t know much about him, feel free to ask me…

  2. Rhiannon Webb Says:

    Why is Nicholas Stauder not famous… He is completely perfect!

  3. Natalie-Anne Says:


    thought you might like that πŸ™‚


  4. You should have micheal chad murray and jesse metcalfe on there ,, =]gourgeous men!!

  5. Channing tatum should DEFFO be numbed one im sorry but 10 is pathetic, he’s fittest by far, we love him πŸ™‚ x x

  6. andiloveit Says:

    A message from the writer:
    Naii, I want to clarify that this list is NOT in order of hotness!! You’re right, Channing Tatum is amazing.

  7. oh my gosh… all those guys are like so delectably hunky

  8. heyy everyone i think all of those men are absolutely gawjuss but there are more of them in the world
    but what happened to dale and stu from big brother this year
    but good job chick
    bubi x x x x x

  9. stephanie Says:

    lick my bumhole

  10. hi johnny depp should defo be in there as he is gorgeous xx

  11. i love this page. i really LOVE this whole website. it is amazing. you dont comprehend haha omg its great and Cristiano Ronaldo is BEAUTIFUL πŸ™‚

  12. I also know Nick..he’s MARRIED to a friend of mine who is a beautiful model herself..name is Sabrina. They look hot together so lay off women..find a guy who is NOT married…lol

  13. I’ve always thought Jensen Ackles was awesome, ever since I saw him in Dark Angel. 😦 So it makes me sad to see him pose like that. T_T Why did you do it, Jensen? it’s not that you’re not good looking or anything, but it’s better to have some more respect for yourself. You’re too good for all these random people to just perve all over you!

  14. Nick is my neighbor πŸ™‚ well, was when he was younger. It’s so weird to see him on here haha

  15. Nick is my Cousin, hahha. I remember being a lil kid playing on the swings in his back yard and when he wanted to be a hockey player. now look at him, he’s a model!!! hahaha. And Sabrina and Nick are absolutely perfect together!! The wedding was AMAZING.

  16. He is a very beautiful man indeed. Skin like honey!

  17. this list is sexy but not my favorite .sexy is david beckam only(in the list)…

  18. lovable lips,body

  19. lovable lips & body

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