22. Leonardo DiCaprio

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leonardo dicaprio

I’ve always admired his career journey and all of the amazing films he has made. Leonardo DiCaprio is an incredible, awe-inspiring actor and I’d say he is truly my favorite male actor of my time.




21. Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds needs no introduction. He is the most beautiful Canadian I have ever seen. 




20. Chace Crawford

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After seeing the beautiful man on Gossip Girl… i just had to include him on this list…

Beautiful Smile, Beautiful Eyes,  Absolutely Beautiful all around….


I had the pleasure of seeing Chace in person this past week. I even had a word with him. I can confirm that Chace Crawford is just as stunning in person as he is in these photos. 

19. Marcus Schenkenberg

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I have seen this STUNNING man quite a few times in New York. He’s got a terrible reputation, but wow…..
Can you blame him for being promiscuous?
Saw him just a few days ago, and although hes almost 40 years old, he doesnt look a day over 29. He is simply amazing.

18. Josh Duhamel

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Fergie is one lucky woman…..

17. Sebastian Siegel

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Saw him in person the other day and was speechless….

Sebastian Siegel can be seen in the new Tyler Perry Film, “The Family That Preys.”  Mr. Siegel is a beautiful man from  Oxford and is a successful model and actor.

Body = Flawless, Ignore the shorts.

16. Jensen Ackles

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Jensen Ackles is an American actor from Texas. He can be seen in Supernatural and has been in Days of Our Lives, Dark Angel, and Smallville.